Hi I’m Manny Peralta.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the guy posting videos on IG and YouTube under the very unoriginal name: EP PHOTOS (its my middle name Emmanuel and my last name Peralta… E.. P… but people call me Manny, so it gets kinda confusing.. moving on)

If you’re reading this I probably haven’t done a video yet about how i make music videos, but I’m going to, you just wait!

Ive been super busy with some creative gigs that I’ve been putting it off.  Rest assured it’s on the wayI 

I wanted to talk a little about the creative process, my workflow when it comes to cooking up an idea for a video, the shooting process, the gear i use, editing the footage etc.. 

So let me first start off by saying that the way I shoot videos, the way I edit videos ,the camera the software, is all going to be completely different from how you will do it.  Its important to mention too that you don’t have to use the best equipment to tell a story or to make a video.

Now what music video in particular are speaking about? This one down below, check it out!


It’s my buddy Justin Paul who is an artist here in orlando, awesome music,  I’ll link his stuff here:

For any music video, i think there are three core things you need to ALWAYS have:

  • First you need an idea
  • You need something to film with
  • you need software to edit that footage


This may be the hardest part for some.  Right away you could start to doubt yourself, or get discouraged by seeing other peoples work.  Trust me, I’ve been there more than once.  A wise youtuber once said to me: JUST DO IT! (or was that NIKE?)

It’s true, just start filming.  Pick up the camera with no expectations.  Chances are if you’re reading this, or following me on social media, you have played with a camera or you’ve shot some IG pictures with your iPhone, I see it, I see the creative bones lurking inside you.

People want to shoot videos or share their work, but YOU have to put the actual WORK in!  You’ve probably heard this in school about movies or stories, but each story, each movie has a beginning, a middle and an end.  Here’s a VERY basic example of a story you could use for a video: 

Beginning: wake up

Middle: make coffee

End: drink coffee

I know I’m simplifying it, but when it comes down to it even the Spider-man movie has this basic structure implemented (2001 Tobey M. Spider-Man… love you Tobey). All joking aside:

Beginning: Kid gets spider powers

Middle: kid fights bad guys

End: Kid saves the day/girl

If you haven’t exited the page yet, then you get what I’m saying.  You can pick any part of your daily life and just start filming it.  One way i practiced this was utilizing the 1 min IG videos.  To me, one minute wasn’t too daunting of a task.  I would film myself going to to Bed Bath and beyond to find a pillow and end with my wife and I eating at Smokey Bones.. man I’m hungry.  I would film my morning in North Carolina while i was on vacation.  The stories within those videos werent anything ground breaking or something i deserved an award for, but i did it, thats the point. 

You have to practice, practice and realize that done is better than perfect.  So, yea… one minute videos, go for it!

Regarding music videos for actual clients:

All those one minute videos you did are SO helpful when you start working with paying clients.  It totally helps if you listen to their music.  Ask the artist questions like: whats this song about?  what events led you up to writing these words down?  Try to genuinely invest yourself in their art, bounce ideas and thoughts off them, be their friend, just be “chill” as the kids say.  Don’t get caught up on the details. 

 Details like worrying about everything coming out perfect because nothing will be perfect. As you’ve practiced those one minute videos, you’ve developed YOUR style, if a client chooses you to shoot their video, have confidence that your style is what they like.  I think I’m ranting, but i know so many talented people and even myself, as creators, we hold ourselves back, we are our own worse (worst?) critic.

 Story boarding is helpful, having a shot list is helpful, but that will only take you so far.  Let your creativeness flow organically… I feel like I’m writing an article for a healthy website now.  

Summary: confidence, and practice, practice, PRACTICE.  

If you start doing 1 min IG videos tag me 



Ah, my life, my love, camera gear. 

I could go super into detail with this topic, but… I shall show restraint.  

But seriously, gear is awesome!  Currently I’m using the canon 6D mark 2.  It is a beast of a camera.


1080p full HD video, 1080p at 60fps, 26.2 megapixel still shots, FULL- FRAME CMOS sensor, and don’t get me started on that auto focus.  Its literally like 1,000 kittens licking your nose when the auto focus lands on your subject! I’m serious... its that good.  its great in lowlight especially when you couple that with a prime lens like the 50mm 1.8 by Canon.  Already you get those super blurry out of focus elements with that particular lens and having that full-frame body really just is the extra 1,001kitten that came over to join in the other 1,000 kittens.   If you’re in the market for one ill leave a link here for you to check it out.


CANON 50MM 1.8


I didn’t always have this camera though.  I really got into this video thing when i got my Canon t5i.  If you’re just starting out or want to dump some money into a camera but not too much this is a fantastic start.  In fact i think they are even cheaper then the time i got mine.  Here are some links to that: 



But for around 600$ you will have a solid camera that shoots 18 megapixel stills 1080p full HD video, add a battery grip and that 50mm lens and BOOM, you’re set for a while, This was the exact set up i had.  I’ve used it on tons of videos, engagement shoots (link below) and even weddings.    


5OMM 1.8




Here is the point, I’ve shot lots of videos, and only recently have I acquired the budget for the 6d Mark 2.   You don’t need that camera or the t5i.  When you watch a movie do you walk out saying: Man, what camera did they shoot that movie with?  What lens did they use for that one scene?

Doubt it.  We can walk out of a horrible movie that was shot on 50 expensive cameras and still hate the movie (Spider man 3… sorry Tobey)

Heres what I’m getting at.  If you’re still reading this, you’re serious about shooting videos.  Maybe you don’t have money for the T5i, but almost everyone has a phone that shoots video.  So go out and start filming with what you have.  Don’t let the fancy numbers and focal lengths prevent you from being creative.

If you so happen to be on a professional shoot ...well, you’ve practiced, you've got an idea, you’ve got the gear, you got somewhat of a shot list, my last thing I'd suggest is: SHOOT AS MUCH FOOTAGE AS YOU CAN.

Its always better going back to the editing room and having too much footage than not enough.  Trust me, thats a horrible feeling.  Totally not a 1,001 kitty licking feeling.



Frankly, there is free software everywhere to edit videos.  I started off using IMOVIE on my phone to edit videos.  But this is where my rant comes together.

I can’t personally tell you how to edit, or what camera to use.  You won’t know unless you shoot with what you have and go out there with an idea you’re not afraid of presenting to people.  IMOVIE... on my phone, c'mon man.

Movies and Films have been around for a while.  They didn’t have Premier Pro or Final Cut back then.  They used scissors and tape… yes, seriously.  I think this concept of “how to shoot a video” comes down to perspective.  You could shoot a video, a movie, a music video using your iPhone 4, and edit with free software.  We almost have it too easy.  If you want to make a movie using a GO PRO, go do it!  

Don’t let the world around tell you can’t shoot awesome video unless you have expensive gear.  Don’t let anyone discourage you from creating content.  You're still reading this? The creative gene is in you.  

The ideas are running around inside you, your gear is in your pocket, your editing tools are on your phone, waiting in an app to be opened, so go out there and start creating! 

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